Our commitment to quality leads us to purposely limit our standard range of products, but we are also geared to design and custom-build specific products upon request.

Our exclusive Ciel de Pluie® was the first rain shower to be patented, and opened the way for the current craze for wide ceiling-mounted shower systems. Since it was launched in 2004, Ciel de Pluie® has been widely imitated, but up to this day no rain shower provides equal ease of installation and maintenance, and none has been able to match its incredible 3mm thickness ! Its extreme thinness and its dozens of randomly spread nozzles make Ciel de Pluie® the most elegant and closest to natural rain ceiling shower on the market today, which explains its unfaltering success worldwide.

Pomme de pluie Finition chrome/chrome-velours
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Ciel de pluie® Finition super Poli Miroir
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Ciel de pluie® et jets latéraux
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Mitigeur Ming avec jets latéraux
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Ensemble douche encastré - jets latéraux
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Contact us for the list of the other finishes and the available accessories (flexible hoses, shower heads, crosspieces).

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