Since its inception in 1897, our company has always made a point of designing and manufacturing products of the very highest quality for evermore demanding customers.

This unique way of combining quality and innovation has brought us numerous awards, and many Mingori products are covered by international patents. This tradition still lives today, and we keep on providing high-end taps to 2 main markets all over the world:

• Hotels, whether they are part of large international chains for which we manufacture specifically designed products, or independent high luxury units.

• Architects, decorators and homeowners who build or renovate private homes and mansions.

To provide the most reliable and cost-efficient products, Mingori controls from its headquarters in Mâcon a whole network of craftsmen who have been chosen for the quality of their work, which can at times be called “art”.

The unique Mingori designs, featuring end-of-spout control levers and timeless shapes that will not get out of fashion after a few years (Mingori taps are made to last !) have allowed us to remain the choice manufacturer of numerous homeowners and architects for whom “upscale” means ergonomics, reliability and long product life rather than short-lived “fashionable” designs.

Our standard range of products is purposely limited in order to ensure impeccable quality, but we are organized in a way that also allows us to custom-build products upon request.

Mingori Robinetterie : Espace Entreprises Mâcon-Loché • 71006 Mâcon Cedex • France
Tél. (33) 03 85 32 90 60 • Fax (33) 03 85 32 90 71
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